Mr.Rohan AGRAWAL contributed an essay of Netaji.

Mr.Rohan AGRAWAL wrote an essay of Netaji as well as Team Netaji
He is a key member of the Team Netaji and expresses his passion for Netaji and the Team here.

Neta Ji "Bose"
The father of Indian independence
Rohan Agrawal

Bengal, an important part of India that has given series of visionary leaders be it Swamy Vivekanand, His Divine Grace Srila Prahupada or Neta Ji – Shri Subhash Chandra Bose.
Interestingly almost all of them had special connection with the land of rising Sun – Japan. The vision, the confidence, the exposure being given by Swamy Vivekanand Ji towards the end of the 19th century was put into execution by two bright Bengali classmates (@Scottish Church College) who arrived in this material world just few years before when Swamy Ji left. Both of them having good command over English as well as having deep understanding over the spiritual essence of life. One took the task to spread spiritual enlightenment in the whole world and other took the task to boost enormous confidence among the dejected Indians & change the Indian history forever. It is indeed an irony that while one helped (& helping via his books) billions to understand the mystery of life, other left his life ? mainly his disappearance with full of mystery. Last year had recalled the brief biography of HDG Srila Prabhupada for local Bengali magazine, this year will touch some importance aspects of Neta Ji.

Did Neta Ji believe in Spirituality?

Handsome leader with confident looks being decorated in the army uniform is a typical image which present generation seems to have for Neta Ji. Neta Ji was a leader who always led from front, be it a round table conference or a war field. However if we closely follow his daily routine, his quotes, his speeches, one cannot hesitate to categorize him as a "Spiritual leader". Here is one of the famous quotes from Neta Ji that can justify both these images:
"A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training"

Why Neta Ji is the father of Indian independence?

After successfully crushing "Quit India" movement and by winning WW-II, Britishers were only aiming to expand their rule in south-Asia. What they could not expect was one of the biggest revolutions that kicked-off in 1946, known as Royal Indian Navy (RIN) mutiny & Royal Indian Air Force Revolt (RIAF). RIN & RIAF mutinies were triggered by Neta Ji & INA's fight during the siege of Imphal. It is worth mentioning that recently National Army Museum in England has rated the battle of Imphal-Kohima as the "Greatest British Battle". Even with a win, British army was never like before and was left with exhausted British airmen who also inspired RIN & RIAF mutinies. British PM Clement Attlee mentioned that Neta Ji's INA & RIN made Britishers realize that they were no longer in a position to rule India.

Naval Mutiny and Gurkhas

How can Neta Ji inspire us even today?

Swamy Vivekanand Ji had always mentioned that one who forgets his history cannot create his future. Solution for "today's problem and development for future" also lies in history. It is the "devotion for a queen" among Indian soldiers that was broken by Neta Ji which eventually led to Indian independence. Once again we need a leader who can inspire us, can boost the confidence among the dejected Indians, that India can also become a "developed" nation. It was the feeling of “Nationalism" being ignited by Neta Ji to unite all the Indians for "Swaraj" (freedom), once again we need to re-energize the feeling of "Nationalism" to get united for "Su-raaj" (good governance). To justify this, here is another quote by Neta Ji: "Nationalism is inspired by the highest ideals of the human race, Satyam (the Truth), Shivam (the God), Sundaram (the Beauty)."

How to resolve the mystery behind Neta Ji's disappearance?

Mukherjee Commission, majority of the Neta Ji's family members & other prominent researchers on Neta Ji, they all had one thing in common ? tones of facts & evidence that clearly question the theory of suggested air-crash in 1945. So what happened to Neta Ji and where was he post-1945? We do have answers available but they are sealed into some ~27 files being marked as "de-classified" and are possessed by the Governments of India, Russia, Japan, UK, US, Germany & Italy. Hence only way to resolve this mystery and to get the justice for our National Hero is to release all the declassified files related to Neta Ji in the public domain. Recommended reading for details: "India's biggest cover-up " by Anuj Dhar.

Neta Ji's followers in Japan:

Neta Ji will always be remembered as an important mile-stone for Indo-Japan relations. Neta Ji has always received the greatest level of respect from Japan and even today he is being revered with great extent. In 2013, Tokyo had a memorable birth anniversary celebration for Neta Ji. This includes re-union for Japanese INA veterans, short movie on Neta Ji's rare photos & videos, message from Dr. Swamy and kids reciting poem on Neta Ji as well as performing regimental quick march on INA's Qadam Qadam Badaye Ja. However we did miss the presence of "Bengal".