Renkoji is located in Suginami-ku Tokyo. It is a small temple where ashes which is assumed to be of Netaji have been kept since 1945.
The temple holds Buddhist memorial service for Netaji on 18th of August which assumed to be his deathday every year.
Note that the ashes are not open to the public while a statue of Netaji is situated in the small garden.

Booklet of Renkoji

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Relation to Netaji

The ashes of Netaji were carried from Taipei to Tokyo by one Indian and two Japanese people and handed over to Rama Murthy, the Chairman of Indian Independence League in Tokyo in 1945. He tried to hold a funeral service for Netaji after he received the ashes, but many of temples near his house didn't accept it because Japan was occupied by the U.S.A. at that time, and Netaji was a fighter against Allied Army. Then a priest of a temple finally accepted to hold the funeral service for Netaji. It was the priest Mochizuki of Renko-ji temple.
Normally ashes are returned to the family after funeral service. But many of major attendees at the Netaji’s funeral asked the priest to keep the ashes. Then the priest agreed to keep the ashes till an appropriate recipient appears.


The temple can be reached in 5 minutes walk from "Higashi Koenji" station of Tokyo metro line. Address, map, and phone number are attached below.
The temple is closed on Sunday.

  • Address: 3-30-20 Wada, Suginami-ku Tokyo 166-0012
  • Phone : +81-(0)3-3311-7832
  • FAX: +81-(0)3-3311-7751