Team Netaji hosted
a presentation & group discussion on Netaji

Team Netaji held a presentation & group discussion on Netaji at Funabori, Edogawa-ku Tokyo on 17th of August 2014.
More than 30 people including Team Netaji members gathered and had lively discussions for more than 2 hours. Presentation and discussions covoered following items and more.

  1. How Netaji's INA contributed to India's freedom?
  2. Did Netaji really suffer an air crash in Taiwan in 1945?
  3. If not, then what could have happened to Netaji, where was he after 1945?
  4. How many commission/inquiry India had so far on disappearance of Netaji and what did they conclude?
  5. What is the present status on mystery behind Netaji's disappearance?

»Presentation (members only)