Summary of "Talking Chandra BOSE 2015"
(At VCC Hall of The Embassy of India on 1st or February 2015)

On a fine, clear Sunday of the 1st of February 2015, the third event "Talking Chandra BOSE (the 118th birth anniversary)" was held at Vivekananda Cultural Centre of The Embassy of India. Participants were about 100. A half might be Indian and the rest could be Japanese. We welcomed many guests.


VCC Hall



The first programme was the reading of poem in Hindi by kids. It was a heartwarming scene that the kids recited difficult passages with a studious effort and show it in public. Indian kids seem to like singing in public. Indian kids might have been accustomed to be in public meanwhile Japanese people tend to be restrained in public.

Singing kid

A kid singing

Kids reading poem

Kids reading peom

On the programme of "messages from Japanese" which is the main theme of the event, we closely felt historical connection with India that fought together for the independence of India. We tasted tense moment with a congratulatory address from Mr. Yoshiro MORI, The Chairman of Japan-India Association and a congratulatory telegram from Mr. SUGA, Chief Cabinet Secretary. Also, we just felt breathing of Japanese people who contributed to the independence of India with a message from Mr. Tetsuro YOAMAMOTO, an ex-member of HIkari organization served as a guard of INA, a speech from Mr. Hiroshi OHYAMA, whose father died in Imphal, as well as one from Mr. Motoyuki NEGISHI, whose father was an interpreter for Chandra BOSE.

Message from Mr.Mori

Message from Mr.MORI

Message from Mr.Yamamoto

Message from Mr.YAMAMOTO

Speech of Mr.Ohyama

Speech of Mr.OHYAMA

Speech of Mr.Negishi

Speech of Mr.NEGISHI

The latter half of the programme consists of messages from India. We listened to hot messages from India such as video messages from Dr. SWAMY, economist and political scientist, the head of Janata Party, and a follower of Netaji, as well as from family members of Chandra BOSE, and a congratulatory telegram from a journalist who has been engaged in research on disappearance of Chandra BOSE and published a book the last year.
Lastly, people who pledged blood donation to symbolize gratitude towards Japan who supported the independence of India stepped onto the platform for a group picture. How chivalrous they are!

Indian volunteers

Volunteers who pledged blood donation

Grandson of Green Father

Mr.SUGIYAMA, Grandson of "Green Father"

Mr. Mitsumaru SUGIYAMA, a grandson of "Mr. SUGIYAMA, The Green Father" who devoted his life to green India, and Mr. Shintaro TOHYAMA, a grandson of Mr. Mitsuru TOHYAMA rushed in from Kyushu.

Interchange between Japanese people who cooperated in the independence of India including their descendants and Indian people who remember their obligation was filled with a feeling of hospitality like old good friends though they haven't met before.

All the programmes continued for almost 2 hours were concluded with unison of the national anthem of India all stood up. We also offered silent prayer for Mr. Kenji GOTO, a journalist who was announced killed on the day on the suggestion from Indian volunteers.

Lastly, I like to express my deepest gratitude to all, The Embassy of India, those who gave congratulations, speeches, guests who gathered in a cold day, and volunteers.

Team Netaji
(Written by Mansi ARAI)